You are doing far better than you realise

I originally wrote this for an amazing networking group that I belong to in July 2020, it was one of my first dips into presenting via Zoomland and one that resonated with so many of my fellow entrepreneurs. The theme of the networking was Superhero and you can watch my presentation on YouTube. At the time my ego screamed at me saying who do you think you are, you are no hero? Then I looked at my life and what I was experiencing and thought if I don’t acknowledge my pains and successes how can I ever be of service to others?

In the light of all we are still experiencing in our working life, I thought it would be a great reminder to you, to tell you that you are doing far better than you realise and we are all superheroes fighting for justice in our own worlds!

I am a superhero!

Does this resonate with you? For me, the past two years have been the most challenging within my business career, yet there is a part of me that can say yes to this statement.
Every day I have got out of bed, kept to my routine, and created something whether it be a new connection, collaboration, attending a webinar, or turning my hand to a completely different job role.

We all have days when we feel why me, what have I done to make this so bloody hard! Why did I decide to have an events business and then in 2020 have all of it taken away? Well, I can sit and cry (and believe me I have) or I can just step back and breathe knowing it will be ok. It is tough when the bills are coming in, no money being generated and the entire folk within your community are talking nothing but the blackness of the Covid pandemic.

We all have one thing in common: we are entrepreneurs in some shape or form, we may have a title – MD, CEO, Founder, Manager, but what makes us special is we are:

  • Self-motivated
  • Take risks
  • Know how to network
  • Have amazing skills and knowledge
  • Passionate about what we love to do

But what makes us special, is that it does not matter how hard we are hit, how many times or how long we are down at some point, we get back up.

Surround yourself with the can do’s rather than the no way brigade

I am no coach, no guru, no master of life but I do know that you guys are amazing in all your own individual ways, and it takes just a couple of moments of your time to acknowledge this and move forward.

I have been speaking to the most amazing people, many of whom are far more successful than me, who have work, money coming in and are doing their thing. Does that make them better than me, of course not? What it does do is allow me to recognise that I am far happier surrounding myself with the can do’s rather than the no way brigade.

I have seen my business in one week go from looking eventful to looking dreadful, with no business on the books for the best part of last year. This may resonate with some of you today for others you may never have been busier and for others it may have been bumpy, but they are holding their head above water. Wherever you are and whatever you do, make it count and know that we do not all have to be alone. I have found it makes more sense to reach out to my colleagues and say: “You know what? I am having a crappy day.” And when it’s my day to get a win, I too can be there for them.

FEAR, master of False Evidence Appearing Real

My biggest nemesis has been Captain FEAR, master of false evidence appearing real. It is only ever in our minds if we listen to it, but it is so easy to listen to that loud voice that tells us the old stories rather than the quiet one that is willing us on to write a new chapter. I encourage you to put on your cape, mask and superpower and continue to fight for you and your dreams. So, get out there and keep doing what you are doing and let us get these green shoots of recovery growing.

My question to you is as we move into 2022: if you can take one new experience from your past 18 months and make it part of your service what would that be?

There is always going to be something that challenges and makes us grow – so let us do this together within our work, home and friends’ communities and make that difference by being our own Superhero!

Captain Claire the courageous Catliff!!!