WSCC Active Travel Consultation

In March on behalf of WSCC, MSDC published a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). This focuses on our key population centres and areas of growth, identifying where the greatest benefit could be achieved through new and improved active travel infrastructure.

West Sussex County Council have now developed the County-wide LCWIP and Active Travel Strategy based on all the LCWIPs from across the County which addresses the longer, more strategic connecting active travel routes needed from 2023 to 2036. This has been published for consultation and is open, until 11.55pm on 15th November, for your comments and feedback on the routes they have identified as high priorities for the next decade.

This Council at its meeting in September agreed to write to the WSCC Leader emphasising this Council’s concerns over the lack of active travel networks between our towns.

Given the importance of active travel in achieving our commitments to net zero I would encourage all of us to respond to this consultation. Further information and the consultation survey are available on the WSCC website , where you will find the Active Travel Strategy and County wide LCWIP .