Working with a sales coach | How do you know if you need a sales coach?

Working with a sales coach can help you achieve your business goals, increase productivity, overcome challenges to name a few. My clients often comment on how fun and beneficial it is having me as their sales coach.

The truth is you can hardly make a rational decision of anything unless you have experienced it. It is only natural that you may have some questions that need answering before you engage with a coach. This is especially the case if you are looking for a new coach or haven’t worked with a sales coach before.

Here are the top 4 frequently asked questions I receive from potential clients: 

  1. How do I know sales coaching is right for me or my sales team?
    The truth is you do not. If your business hasn’t reached its financial targets and your sales team hasn’t achieved their KPI’s then this is a good indicator that sales coaching will help.
  1. How do I know you are the right sales coach for me or my sales team?
    Again you do not. A good place to start is checking out what clients have said about me on Google reviews and recommendations on LinkedIn. You can also visit my website and read through the various testimonials. I offer a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other.
  2. Will sales coaching work for me or my sales team?

I am 100% sure that sales coaching will benefit your business as long as you are willing to commit 100% to the process. If you want to improve your sales figures you have to be willing to try things you haven’t been done before and to do things that might take you or your sales team out of your comfort zone. It’s also important not to use sales coaching as a quick fix. That said many of my clients see tangible results immediately.

  1. Is a sales coach expensive?

When thinking about this question it is important to consider the impact a sales coach can have on your business and life. It is not uncommon for me to help a business leader to increase their profits by thousands of pounds a month depending on the size of their business. It is also not uncommon for me to help sales leaders and their sales reps to benefit in their personal lives for example finding their purpose and living that purpose which often leads to renewed energy and motivation. I guess the value you put on a sales coach helping you or your team achieve the above will determine if you see sales coaching as an expensive cost or a valuable investment.

Final thoughts

Leaders who hire a sales coach tend to be strong-minded individuals. They are committed to developing themselves and their sales team if they have one that can be amplified considerably by working with a sales coach. They invest in a coach to get more out of themselves and their sales teams than they ever thought possible by working on their own.

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