Why ‘The Event Maker’?

In this article, we explore why we – at Love Luxury Events – prefer the term Event Maker to Event Planner, even more now that we operate within the aftermath (hopefully) of a pandemic.

When it comes to events, planning is the ‘filling’, if we were to use a sandwich analogy.

Bottom slice – event conception

We start with a slice of ‘conception’ and open up a world of ideas to our clients, after hearing their objectives and vision for the event. These ideas have been carefully collected over the past 30 years of working in the luxury hospitality industry.

Some clients have a clear idea for a theme or the feel of the event, while others just want to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We gauge the level of input needed from us in order to a) meet the operational objectives and b) make the client’s vision a reality.

This initial phase determines all of the core decisions, such as the choice of venue, catering, equipment, transportation, entertainment and lead-time from sending the invite to the event itself!

By outlining the desired outcomes from the outset we can agree on how to evaluate success. Whether it is a glossy launch for a new product or service, a conference or a team building event, your objectives will inform every aspect of the event plan.

The filling – event planning phase

The filling – our planning phase – is an exciting part, because we get to call upon inspiring venues and suppliers or discover new partners, so that we can bring the event to life.

The success of an event is fundamentally linked to its financial management, and it is crucial that you set your budget and that you stick to it. Mis-managed costs can lead to the event being cancelled, or it can put a strain on your business’ bottom line.

Balancing the event’s books while taking care of the day to day running of your own business is no easy task. We ensure that your budget is realistic and set in stone, that all expenditure is approved and that costs are negotiated fairly.

Top slice – event delivery phase

The top slice is the delivery phase, right up to the point at which guests arrive. No matter how much you plan, there are always tweaks that need to be made in the lead-up to the event, right up to the last moment and throughout the event itself. For the majority of the time, our clients are not aware of these issues, because we find solutions within the budget and timeframe.

We recently delivered a private celebration where we had to manage the client’s wishes carefully in terms of guest numbers, in order to comply with the venue’s Covid plan and changing government restrictions. We worked closely with the senior management team at the venue and worked with their safe practice policy to find a solution for our client, avoiding unnecessary stress on their part.

Depending on the scale of your event, it can take many teams of people to deliver it successfully. From catering teams, hotel staff, speakers and entertainment, to administration staff to assist with bookings and help on the day.

With connections across the industry, we save a great deal of time and money for clients, ensuring that we source the right suppliers, manage them efficiently and negotiate the best rates.

The proof is in the eating 

Then, there’s the ‘eating’ phase – when our client stands tall, welcomes the guests and is able to focus on the task at hand and play their part at the event. Having us take care of every detail, means that our client’s attention is not divided by having to deal with niggles and they can make the most of every conversation. In other words – enjoy every bite!

Little do they know that we averted disaster when the electricity supply failed and we sourced additional power leads in time!

Don’t forget the washing-up 

Finally, the ‘washing-up’ phase. We love it! We’re not just talking about making sure that the venue is left spotless – we are talking about the post-event stage of following up with our client, fulfilling any guest requests and de-briefing with all partners involved in the process of running the event.

Just a few examples of post-event activities include:

  • Supporting the venue team until everything is wrapped-up
  • Ensuring participants get to their arranged transportation or accommodation where necessary
  • Forwarding recommendations (often participants or guests ask about suppliers involved in the event)
  • Thank you notes and flowers for teams involved in making the event a success
  • Nurturing junior team members with feedback

The event is what we make it!

We have delivered events in all shapes and sizes and regardless of the scale of an event, we believe that our skills and experience add as much value at the conception and delivery phase, as they do during the planning stage of an event.

This is particularly true during the last few months of the Covid-19 pandemic, since the restrictions eased and we were able to run events once again. We advise clients on what is possible, how to manage restrictions in a safe way and navigate the changing rules, with minimal impact on our client’s time or event objectives.

The nature in which we operate has changed somewhat. Unlike before the pandemic where we would meet the client and suppliers in person, for a recent event we held only two face-to-face meetings, 14 Zoom calls and invested many hours in email communication.

Even with meticulous planning, there is a great deal of pivoting involved. The event is what we make it!

For your next event, trust Love Luxury – The Event Maker – to create, design and deliver an event to your unique specifications, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business!

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