What is ChatGPT and what does it mean for SMEs?

There has been a lot of news coverage and debate about how content marketing and search engine marketing will be effected by artificial intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and GPT-4.

Although it might sound futuristic or technical, it has real-world implications for business owners and consumers alike.

These artificial intelligence tools use natural language models and machine learning to create answers to people’s questions. The main one, ChatGPT or GPT-4 as it’s now called, is open-source, which means that anyone and everyone can use it for free.

These tools certainly have their uses and provide, often, plausible and useful responses to conversational questions (hence why they are being integrated into search engine results). On the face of it, they solve a problem many SME business owners face, of producing large amounts of content, quickly.

However, they may appear to be giving with one hand, but there are huge issues and negative business implications of using them to create your marketing content.

They are not a solution to the long-term requirement for regular, quality, original and authoritative content which is what will give your business long-term marketing and business success. This is because these tools are not in the business of producing accurate content, it is merely trying to produce a plausible answer. There is no originality in the content it creates, nor does it display your brand personality (i.e. why someone should do business with you over a competitor).

Not to mention the damage using this artificially generated content could cause to your search engine rankings as they don’t adhere to Google’s algorithm guidelines.

You can find out more about these tools, how they work and how to use them in your marketing here: https://growth-by-design.co.uk/what-is-chatgpt-and-smes/

We also provide a 6-step guide to content creation for your marketing, whether you use ChatGPT / GPT-4 or not!

Joanne South

Digital Marketing Specialist