What happens next?!

EVEN IF NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS are not for you, the month of January often prompts new ideas and goal setting, whether they be personal or professional.  Taking time to define what we want and when we want it means we are more likely to look at the small steps needed for our businesses to move forward.  In short, January is a month of potential!

However, changes to staffing levels can cause the best laid plans to go awry.  We know the disruption, caused by personnel changes, can take the focus away from those chosen goals.  Existing clients tell us that our recruitment service saves them time – even creates time – for them to stay focused and keep in mind those essential small brush strokes needed for the bigger picture.

With 13 years’ recruitment experience in the mid Sussex area we are well placed to serve both candidates and clients alike.  We work with a broad sector of organisations whose diversity is as varied as their headcount.  Clients tell us we’re different from other recruitment agencies as our attention to detail means we not only listen, but also hear what’s being said.  We resource candidates based on not only a job description but with the knowledge of who is best going to complement your team.  Whatever the size of a business we firmly believe that every employee contributes to its overall success.

Over time, we have seen candidates become clients and vice versa.  We are firmly on the map for candidates looking for their next (or first) career move in mid Sussex.  If you have a friend or family member looking for their next job opportunity then please pass on our details, we’re ready to meet them and work on their behalf!

In brief, we offer Clients and Candidates the following:

  • Applications from candidates local to you for both temporary and permanent vacancies
  • Temporary and Permanent work opportunities for candidates across mid Sussex
  • Candidates who have chosen us as their exclusive recruitment agency based on our reputation and longevity
  • As a candidate you’ll get to hear about immediate job openings
  • Peace of mind: comparison of candidates from us, to those received from other sources, ensures the very best applications are considered for any role
  • As a candidate we’ll identify and inform you of exciting job opportunities in your preferred location.
  • All offered without obligation.  Our terms of business and temporary rates, which we are happy to discuss, only apply should you choose an introduced candidate to join your team
  • Our service to candidates is free of charge.

Some things in January remain the same, Detox-ing, Diets, Gym Membership to name a few!  We’re here to help you with the unknown, whether it’s unexpected recruitment or job hunting, we see those challenges as an opportunity for greater success.  Happy New Year!

To reach us: Telephone: 01444 244204; Email info@travailsussex.co.uk or call into our offices at

7a Church Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9BB    www.travail.co.uk

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