West Sussex launches digital skills campaign

A new programme has been launched to inspire jobseekers and people at all stages of their careers to discover the range of digital roles available in West Sussex and to connect local businesses with local talent.

West Sussex County Council and the West Sussex Districts and Boroughs are jointly funding the programme which will be led by local strategic consultancy Always Possible, well as three digital-first business champions.

More than 20 events will be held across the county in 2023. A roadshow of pop-up information hubs in town centres, beginning in January 2023 and running through the year will connect jobseekers, those seeking a career change, graduates and students with trainers and businesses to showcase the opportunities available. Interactive roadshows will support recruitment drives and allow jobseekers to learn more about the growing number of digital jobs in West Sussex.

It comes after extensive research across West Sussex, including findings of the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP), found that many jobseekers are unaware of the diversity of digital roles available across a wide range of business sectors in West Sussex, as well as the various routes to entry into them, and employers are finding it challenging to attract candidatesto these roles, hindering growth in the area.

Through collaboration between local authorities and decision makers, businesses, training providers and sector networks, the programme aims to reduce unfilled digital job vacancies, support upskilling to help local people get digital jobs, and highlight the increasing opportunities that West Sussex offers for those with digital skills.  

Paul Marshall, Leader of West Sussex County Council, said: “We’re very excited to launch this programme, which will raise awareness about the range of digital jobs available across various sectors in West Sussex. 

“It aims to assist existing businesses in attracting the right talent to remain competitive, whilst providing more opportunities to our residents across the county to discover a new and exciting career opportunity right on their doorstep 

“We’re proud to be working in collaboration with all of the West Sussex District and Borough authorities on this, to support our flourishing digital economy in West Sussex and attract new business to the region.” 

More information will be released throughout the coming months on how businesses can get involved in the programme, including becoming a champion for the campaign.

West Sussex Local Authorities are looking for organisations who want to get involved and stay in touch with the programme.

To register your interest, please click here.