Welcome to new member Win at Life Personal & Professional Coaching

Hi I’m Shwezin and I’m delighted to have joined you all at the HHBA.  I’ve already met some wonderful people and I can’t wait to meet more of you at the various events.

Who am I?

I’m a working mum and step mum living in Haywards Heath.  After working 20+ years in major companies and big brands in Senior positions, I know from experience the difference great people make to the business.  After going through burnout myself, I was determined not to let anyone else have the same experiences as me, because raising a family is one of the most important unpaid jobs in the world and I realised how many professional parents, with enormous expertise were walking out the door.  Even large corporates, who I support, with all it’s resources, are working hard to get this right.

What do I do?

I help retain and improve the performance of the most important talent in your business.

Working parents are a real asset to any company and supporting them to be at the mental and emotional best makes them the best employees in the business – research has shown that when they’re at their happiest, they’re more loyal, more productive, great multi-taskers, better at adapting to change, more empathetic, great time/team managers and have a greater willingness to learn.

Because that’s what parenting is – the continuous learning and adapting process, but the one thing working parents struggle with is the investment in themselves, whether it’s time or money.  Raising a family is expensive and you feel like there’s not enough hours in the day – which is 8 out of 10 working parents in the UK are going through “burnout”.  That stress and burnout is impacting not just them, but the people around them, whether it’s work colleagues or friends and family.

How can I help?

However hard you try to “put your work hat on”, it’s impossible to separate work and home and if your staff are not at their best, how can they be productive, resilient, and confident in what they do.

I have been helping working parents in large corporates for years, from maternity/paternity returners, through divorce/separation, coparenting, as well as connecting with teens. But it doesn’t stop there, because as parents, my clients are constantly worrying about their children, so I help young adults (18-25) as they transition into University or into the workplace.  Making sure their children get the help and support they need, taking another worry off their minds.

But it shouldn’t just be the big companies that benefit from this service, that’s why I’m making this unique support affordable to small businesses, because it’s THAT important.  Which is why I run regular workshops, webinars and 121 sessions.  So even if you have 1 or 2 staff that would benefit, you’re getting corporate style coaching without the corporate fees.

How do I work?

I provide a free, no obligation initial call or meeting, to discuss your challenges and needs.

I have a range of coaching workshops, webinars, 121 sessions, either online or face to face at my coaching studio in Haywards Heath.  The sessions include a range of worksheets, tools and techniques, as well as ongoing support via WhatsApp and email while they are my client. You can find out more in my listing or contact me for more details.