WEBINAR: Directors’ duties in the spotlight

All too often Directors find themselves facing civil or even criminal penalties for breaching their statutory duties, even when they believe they have done nothing wrong. And now, as government measures to protect businesses in the wake of the pandemic unfold, the spotlight on Directors is only likely to intensify.

Join Dr Roger Barker, IoD Director of Policy and Corporate Governance and specialist partners from regional law firm, Rix & Kay, for this webinar. Our speakers will help experienced Directors and those new to or considering a Director’s role, to fully understand their duties essential for running any organisation:

In particular, the webinar will cover:

  1. Director’s corporate duties and responsibilities
  2. Director’s personal liability for breach of duty
  3. Personal liability if a company becomes insolvent and why early action is imperative
  4. Best practice for good corporate governance

This webinar is free to join. Click here to register