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Haywards Heath Business Association – Our goal is to put local business at the heart of the Mid Sussex community by facilitating connections and friendships to foster a vibrant, diverse and resilient local economy.

We hope you are staying positive and business is as good as it can be under the circumstances. We understand the struggles that you are going through.

The HHBA fully appreciate that these are unprecedented  times for all our members. As a local members’ association we believe that with the spirit of our vision statement in mind that we are very well placed to offer our members advice, support and of course ongoing social “contact” with one another. Never has there been a time when our community has needed these friendships more.

We have adapted to the changing environment, and we are now holding our networking and ‘Meet the Experts’ sessions via the online platform Zoom on topics that are currently important to our membership. We invite our members to make suggestions on topics you would like to be covered in any future sessions next year and if you have a topic in mind that you could present on in an online workshop please do let us know.

The Autumn Meetings
Our events still remain very reactive to what the business need presents at the time. With this in mind, our ‘Meet the Expert’ meetings in the next few months will be on Recovery and Growth covering HR, Finance and Growth. To book these events please click here

Please make use of your membership this is a handy guide to remind you please click here

Stay positive and safe and we look forward to seeing you online at the next event .

Take care

Clare Jones
HHBA Chair
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