Haywards Heath Town Council has been contacted by the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) office and the Sussex Association of Local Councils with regards to the consultation below.  The Business Community are also asked to respond to the consultation, which are the five questions below, and respond directly to Steve Trice (Town Clerk) at

Then a virtual meeting, using the feedback, will be held at 2.30pm on Friday 1st May 2020 – consisting of Mandy Jameson (Senior Communications Manager for the PCC), Steven Trice, Trevor Lego (Chief Executive of Surrey & Sussex Association of Local Councils) and a couple of local representatives tbc.

Look forward to your responses.


Please see below the information sent out by the PCC office; 


The questions below form part of Sussex PCC Katy Bourne’s ongoing consultation with local communities across Sussex. She has chosen ten town/parish councils for a series of ‘virtual’ consultations during the current lockdown period and Haywards Heath has been selected as one of them.

Minutes of the virtual meeting will be sent to the Town Clerk for circulation to interested parties.

As advised above please respond to the following questions.

  1.  How confident do you feel about how your area is being policed during this time of lockdown? Are Sussex Police being too strict / about right / not providing enough enforcement?
  1. How do people in Haywards Heath feel about Sussex Police’s level of support for local businesses during this crisis? Is there good support from Sussex Police / not enough / none at all?
  1. Have you noticed a change to the way rural crime in your area is being tackled during lockdown – eg. is there an increased police presence to provide visibility in more isolated areas?
  1. Have you noticed an increase in roads traffic policing during this period – eg. police cars stopping motorists to check where they’re going?
  1. Do you know the name(s) of your local PCSO(s) and have you met them?  Would you say they provide a visible presence and are they offering support to residents/businesses in the town?

Steven Trice

Town Clerk

Haywards Heath Town Council

Tel – 01444 455694