Using Our Smartphone Security Credentials

Using Our Smartphone Security Credentials

At the end of 2020 over 20% of Web browsing, text and email connections were made by smartphones which is continuing to grow in 2021 and a development that is set to change the way office and home security will work in the future.

The use of smartphones has increased massively since the start of the coronavirus crisis last year and their use keeps growing. This is hardly surprising, with most employees having to work from home their mobile phones have been the most direct means of communication with their employers and customers. This technology is set to move into office security as well, with organisations beginning to embrace smartphone security credentials as a means of employee identification.

Mobile ID systems have begun to replace physical ID cards, where the employee places their mobile phone screen over the office gateway scanners. Some firms already had this technology before the coronavirus crisis and others are now seriously reviewing procedures for better access management control, whilst minimising the need for physical touching points.

The use of office ID cards remains widespread, but smartphone technology is emerging as a secure and efficient way to manage office building access. Not only does it provide almost full-proof security; whilst ID cards can easily be faked, the in-built Bluetooth and smart features can perform a far wider range of ID and authentication checks that are not available to the humble ID card.

Minimising physical touch points will be a big issue for office discipline in the future. The risk management of office procedures when employees return to office life will have a new focus. Minimising any unnecessary employee touch points will need to become one of those new norms. The continued use of ID cards and their infection spreading potential will be a factor that will accelerate moves to smartphone technology-based identification procedures.

For large and mid-size firms this smartphone technology will give HR department new and more efficient tools to manage employee attendance through a dashboard or control panel online. This will be particularly useful when employees are half the week in the office and the other half working at home. Managing who is in or out will be a new HR responsibility and smartphone technology will play a key role in achieving this. Even relatively small firms will be able to manage 2 or 3, 5 or 6 or more employees just by using their phone, for which there are already clever apps.

The need and desire for greater flexibility in the office and at home will be greatly encouraged by this smart technology and help achieve a better work-life balance for many more employees. Mobile ID authentication is both secure and convenient for the employer and the employee and promotes a more flexible way of working.

Smartphones have already become our alarm clocks, calendars, cameras, and note pads. Soon they will be our office gateway IDs too.

Investment in smartphone office gateway access has begun and soon to be at an office near you.

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