Using Artificial Intelligence in your marketing

Using artificial intelligence (AI) in your marketing

There have been a lot of news stories on how artificial intelligence will save or destroy humanity, it will create new jobs or take them away or it should be regulated now or it is still in its infancy.

With so much news on it, it can be easy to become either alarmed or a bit blinded to what this actually means in the real world for real businesses like your own.

The truth is artificial intelligence (AI) can and should enhance your marketing strategies to drive even better results, but you are going to need human expertise to leverage the benefits from it. 

Therefore, we thought it would be helpful to give a short guide on how you can use AI today to get better marketing results.

What AI can be used for…

  1. Data analysis – there are lots of paid for tools who have been using AI to analyse data for years but they are expanding and becoming ever more capable. These AI algorithms can process lots of information and identify trends for you. What you do with them, is then down to a human’s expertise (more on that below!) 
  2. Personalisation – the more tailored and relevant your message is to a specific audience, the greater the likelihood of an enquiry or sale, and AI allows you to do that at scale and cost-effectively. 
  3. Automation – to streamline repetitive tasks such as email scheduling, not to mention the multiple IT automation benefits that others are more qualified to speak about than us! 
  4. As one of several tools used to support content creation – AI can assist with the keywords for your content strategy, product descriptions, and elements of blog writing but you must have a marketing professional work with any content produced with AI to make sure it is factually accurate, original, on brand, relevant for your audience, genuinely useful, removing the fluff and is up to date among other things!


What you need marketing professionals for…

  1. Content creation – you can use AI as a tool to help with your content, among others, but the actual content needs to be primarily human-created. Having been testing and trialing AI content creation for a while now there is too much filler content, misinformation, and lack of up-to-date information to be able to simply copy and paste what it gives you. Additionally, the generic tone of voice and lack of branding will likely do you more harm than good in a competitive marketplace. A marketing professional needs to check and work with any content AI produces. 
  2. Strategy and creativity – a marketing professional will understand your target audience, market trends and your brand to be able to create a strategy that is right for your business and deliver results.  
  3. Ethical oversight – to ensure all content and marketing align with your brands ethics and values, there is no misinformation, bias or inappropriate content going out under your brand name. 
  4. Emotional Intelligence – creative content should evoke your prospective customers emotions, using techniques such as storytelling empathy and persuasion, which requires a human touch!


We hope this is a helpful short guide to how to use AI and where to focus your marketing efforts.

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