Update on parking charges across the Mid Sussex region

Dear HHBA members,

You may or may not remember that I asked you for your views on the recent increase in parking charges across the Mid Sussex region.

To give you a quick over view, charges will increase by 10% in Burgess Hill, 20% in Haywards Heath and 30% in East Grinstead.

The parking will also be extended to charge from 6-8pm and charges also on Sundays.

The three business associations (BHBPA, EGBA, HHBA) have been liaising, as it was highlighted that all the business associations had not been consulted by the MSDC regarding this issue.

We felt that the increase in charges would impact all the business’s in Haywards Heath, not just the HHBA members, so this was an important issue to be discussed.

Therefore we organised a meeting with the Parking Planning Team and Parking Matters that conducted the parking research. The meeting unfortunately did not result in any clarity over whether these charges could be challenged.

Any pre-existing charge increase cannot be disputed, however we are hoping that the 6-8pm and Sunday charges can be disputed.

We also felt that the MSDC could not provide any detailed plans of what they expect to do with any revenue that is raised from the parking charges, to improve the parking in Haywards Heath.

We have tried our best as business associations to challenge the decision making, the data gathering and lack of outcomes from this initiative.

The Business Associations will be applying pressure to the Parking Planning team as much we can, to allow businesses to have a voice and to keep MSDC accountable for the parking improvements.

Please do get in touch if you wish to comment on this matter further.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards