Turn Your Stress into Energy and Results

Turn Stress in to Energy and Results

There are many reasons to feeling stressed. There are also many ways to tackle stress.

In this workshop you will,

• Raise your awareness on what and when your stress is triggered

• Know how to press the ‘pause’ button to prevent stress from overwhelming you

• Turn stress in to energy and results

Who is this Workshop for?

• Anyone who is feeling stressed now whether you are a student facing exam, a parent trying to juggle work and life, an executive feeling work pressure

• You may not be feeling stressed now at that’s o.k too. You can just join in. It may be helpful in the future.

The Workshop is two hours of,

• A stimulating conversation with yourself

• A lot of ‘wow’ moments for you

• Making decisions to empower yourself

• Realising how resourceful and strong you are in finding solutions within yourself

• Great content that will help you in the future, even if you don’t need coaching now in your life

Workshop fee will be discounted from your coaching programme if you sign up before 30th of April 2020

Unlimited tea and coffee

FREE on site parking and an overflow car park right opposite the building

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