Top Tips for #smallbiz Content Marketing

How to grow your #smallbiz with great content

As a small business your content strategy is vital in generating new leads, driving traffic to your store and making your brand stand out against your competitors. Our blog this week has 5 top tips on how to create a diverse content strategy:

  • Provide product guides that get your business noticed
  • Be a Brand with a heart and a strong charitable commitment
  • Embrace UGC (user-generated content) for customer focused content
  • Create comprehensive guides that educate your customers
  • Play with interactive content to nurture a community

There is a lot of value in having a content strategy. It guides you in setting audience expectations and determining the type of content to create. Additionally, a content strategy can help you improve or grow your business since it may help you uncover new business ideas.

Head over to the blog to find out more, including useful ‘Takeaway Tips’ so that you can start working on your content strategy straight away.

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