Tisshaws Welcomes £500 Family Mediation Voucher Scheme

Family mediation is becoming a popular way for divorcing couples to separate, as it provides a relatively quick, cost-effective and relatively harmonious way for families to part, without having to go to court. Last month the government announced it is to invest £1m in family mediation to support families in resolving issues relating to children.

Committed to non-court dispute resolution, Tisshaws Family Law Solicitors have welcomed this move. “This initiative will open up the benefits of mediation to more families saving them time, money and unnecessary acrimony. What’s more, it saves all the costs and anguish of a lengthy legal battle through the courts,” explains Tisshaws family mediator, Hana Khodabocus.

 Under the scheme, the Ministry of Justice will provide qualifying families with vouchers worth up to £500 towards mediation. This will help to reduce the costs of family mediation for around 2,000 families, making mediation more accessible and affordable.