The Value of Expertise

I have noticed that recently many of my clients have changed their views towards life and how they wish to operate on a day-to-day basis in their business. It is like they have awoken to a new way of thinking, taking a breath to exhale, realising that their time is precious.

The little pockets of realisation that people are awakening to has enabled me to speak to them at a deeper level and truly understand their needs and wants. They are also so much savvier with what they want and no longer want to waste time with the ‘maybes’ in life. This breath of fresh air has almost been forced upon so many who have had to rebuild, pivot or create new dreams out of the broken remnants of what was ‘a given’ before.

Generate a greater return on your time

The services offered within Love Luxury Events allow me to take away the stress of planning and project managing, enabling clients to focus on activities that generate a greater return on their time. People want more time doing what they are good at rather than getting involved with EVERYTHING.

This has filtered into the everyday experience within our teams, families, and friends. How important is getting the To Do List done to you? Do you still feel completely overwhelmed or have you invested in experts in relevant fields to allow you more time to do what is (a) critical to your business and (b) important to you?

What could you be doing if you weren’t managing a side-project on top of your usual workload?

We are all unique, yet working towards one goal: to be happy in life. For some, this means earning more, being recognised in their field or achieving personal goals. Whatever it is and wherever you are on your journey, finding the right people to help you on the path is paramount. It is often said that by stepping back and taking a breath we can move forward at a far quicker rate. I find that no matter how much I want to achieve things, it is important that I surround myself with good people who understand my dreams, support me with my ideas and have a passion for what they love doing.

How much of your time goes into business development, organising, training, exploring new initiatives or ideas? And if you are doing these things yourself – what are the success markers? Is it time to call in the expert to take away that pain that keeps you awake at night or makes you feel overwhelmed? Personally, I can’t work without my experts. I would not be where I am today without them.

If you are too busy to research and organise a project or an event, please get in touch and let Love Luxury take the pressure off. Call Claire on 07821 875 864 or email