The Swan Effect

How do you remain so calm? Ask anyone who runs events successfully, and they will give you a wry smile. It’s ‘the swan effect’! Picture a beautiful swan gliding above the water looking serene for all to see their majestic beauty, meanwhile their legs are madly paddling beneath the surface. One thing that I have learnt over the years is that despite everything that gets thrown at me personally, professionally, and in between – if you look in control, people generally think you are.

You know you have become more proficient than the cygnet stage when people start coming to you to resolve problems as ‘you are good at it’. It doesn’t happen overnight, yet at some point you realise that you can see past any obstacle and find the solution. The cygnet becomes the graceful swan. Of course, we have all had those ‘OMG’ moments when we flail around, gasping for air, thinking the world is going to end! Us swans just don’t show it.

Delivering memorable events is a mix of genuine passion and honed skills

The client doesn’t want to know when the smelly stuff is about to hit the fan. They need someone who can solve a problem and come back to them with the solution before they realise there is an issue to resolve.
When running an event there is always going to be that thing that you just didn’t bargain on; the person who arrives without the item you specifically requested they bring; the supplier who gets stuck in traffic; technical difficulties with the equipment; plus, all the little aches and pains that go hand in hand with gliding along despite the unexpected.

What drives me? I love meeting clients, gaining an insight into their vision and then putting my intuition and skills into delivering an event far beyond their expectations. Along with my team, I love to turn ideas into a stress-free event that impresses everyone involved and creates beautiful memories. When clients send me feedback or praise my team, it just reminds me why I continue to paddle as gracefully as possible. You can read some of our client testimonials here.

It’s a privilege to be trusted with important events

For clients it is the biggest day of their year, career, or personal achievement and taking care of the event or celebration is a great responsibility. Particularly if you want to do it efficiently, uniquely and in a cost-effective way. We recently wrote about this in more detail within the blog article ‘Why The Event Maker?’ – you can read it here.

The next time you go to an event, take a look at the team running the day and see who is just steadily finding their feet and who is gliding like that beautiful swan in control and able to deal with the next challenge!
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