The Questions you need to ask to really understand your ideal client.

We all have clients and businesses who we love and want more of but how we attract them is usually about something other than the services we offer.  Understanding their needs, frustrations and wants will not only help you understand how to market your business but will also help you to improve your services products and pricing.

Whatever stage you are at in your business ongoing client research will help you get the edge over your competitors, stand out and attract more of the people you love and want to work with. I’ve put together 8 questions that will help you to conduct this research:

1) What are their main pain points? What keeps them awake at night, and what problems can you solve for them.

2) Do they need and want what you are selling? This can actually be two separate things as what people think they want is often different from what they need.

3) Do they know what they want to achieve? Once you know their desired outcome, you can create content that shows how you can help them achieve this.

4) What do they value? Our values underpin how we do business and influence everything in our lives and our decisions. Understanding your ideal client’s values is key to successful sales and marketing.

5) What are they interested in? People are fascinating, and we often bond over common interests – it’s part of our story. Understanding their interests will help you relate to them and also understand their routine.

6) Do they understand the problem you solve? Often we assume people know what we do, but often they don’t. Diving into this will help you adapt your language, marketing and messaging accordingly.

7) What is important to them when choosing a provider: This will encompass all of the above, but it will help you to position yourself as the right fit for them.

8) What is stopping them from taking the action you need them to take? This might not just be about price, you might not even want to sell to them at this stage but all of this information will help you to tackle those objections and convert strangers into warm leads. 

All of this information is key to building a realistic portrait of your ideal client, understanding exactly what makes them tick and ensures you can market effectively to that tribe of people you want to help and are so passionate about working with.

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