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Lead and manage more effectively in modern workplaces
All business owners, managers of people and managers of projects can benefit from developing better leadership and management
skills. Progressive leadership styles and management strategies are often critical to the success of the business growth strategy in
any modern workplace.

The Business Hothouse is currently running a free Leadership & Management Development Programme in venues across the
coast-to-capital area. There are 4 different programmes to choose from, all of which are delivered by the University of Chichester
Business School as 2-day intensives from 10am until 4pm on both days.

1. How to Lead & Manage Teams in the 21st Century Organisations
2. How to Lead More Effectively in 21st Century Organisations
3. HR Practices Every Business Should Have
4. Strategic HRM for 21st Century Organisations

You can find full details of each programme – including where and when each intensive is running – and book your free place.
More dates in more cities will be added through until until March 2023 sign up to their Emailer to receive fortnightly updates about
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