The Big Support Campaign Launches as Small Firms Struggle Under Pressure

No one left behind: how the Big Support will help protect small business

New research shows that more than two thirds of small businesses are expecting at least a 50 per cent drop in profits as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and consequent restrictions. This is already having a huge negative impact on the mental, physical and emotional health of the millions of those whose livelihoods are now at risk, and will continue to do so in the weeks and months ahead.

As a champion of UK small business, Small Business Britain is today launching a new campaign, the Big Support, in response, which will amplify the help available for small businesses and ensure that no one is left behind at this unprecedented time. The campaign aims to ensure that small business owners understand and have access to the available support mechanisms, as well as opening up the conversation around the mental health challenges many are facing.

Michelle Ovens MBE, Founder of Small Business Britain said:

“Many small businesses are struggling financially and emotionally, with the businesses they have built up devastated by the lockdown and other impacts of COVID-19. The Big Support has been created to help them feel less alone and offer a route forward, along with powerful practical help, optimism and encouragement. Not enough small firms are asking for support, but there is a lot out there. We urgently need to ensure they understand and access the services and relief available, in order to support individuals through this difficult time and have a strong small business community when it ends. We urge other organisations in a position to help, to join our campaign.”

The campaign has the support of a host of leaders across government, big businesses and mental health services, including BT and Mind. Organisations supporting the campaign have stepped up their efforts to support small businesses, such as BT through its ‘ Skills for Tomorrow ’ programme which provides free digital skills training to millions of people across the country, and Enterprise Nation , a community of small businesses sharing resources, expertise, and connections.

Leaders and politicians including Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, the Health Minister, Nadine Dorres, and the Small Business Minister, Paul Scully, have all come out in force for ‘The Big Support’ campaign.

Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care said: 

“A national effort is crucial to our coronavirus battle. We’ve taken decisive action to support small businesses during this unprecedented time for them and our country. It’s vital that support reaches them and no small firm or owner should feel alone. It’s fantastic to see The Big Support launched to help this effort. A massive thank you to all companies and organisations that have stepped forward.”

To find out more about how the Big Support can help your small business, visit or follow #thebigsupport.