Telephone selling with integrity By Gary Morgan

I am sure that you would agree with me when I say that telemarketing activities such as telephone selling and cold calling have in the eyes of the public, developed bad reputations. I have worked with hundreds of telesales executives and whilst some have been exceptional, the majority are pushy individuals that fail to listen to the prospect or client and often read verbatim from a script.

Not only do I want to challenge and change the way telephone selling is perceived, I also want to raise the standards as I think it is crucial for people to sell in a different way.

To sell effectively and consistently in 2021 and beyond, telesales, inside sales, telemarketing and customer service professionals will need to sell in a way that gives the client what they want and that means……

“Selling with integrity” or put simply…. Saying and doing the right thing on the call even when nobody else is listening”

Considering all these factors, I have launched the ‘Telephone Selling with Integrity’ podcast. The podcast is for people who lead telesales, inside sales, telemarketing and customer service call handling teams. Basically, it’s for any leader that wants their teams to sell over the phone with integrity.

You can listen by clicking on this link: Telephone selling with integrity podcast

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast.