Sussex Chamber of Commerce

LSIP Business Survey

Sussex Chamber of Commerce have sent the following survey, it only takes 5 minutes to complete! The deadline to complete the survey is Friday 26th November (2 weeks).

Here is the link à

The greater reach we have, will help provide a much wider perspective and further insights into the key skills issues in the area.

Sussex Chamber of Commerce is delighted to have been chosen by the Department for Education as one of eight LSIP trailblazer chambers across the country.

Your feedback is important as it places businesses at the heart of the education and skills system.

The Skills for Jobs White Paper set out the Government’s blueprint for reshaping the technical skills system to better support the needs of the local labour market and the wider economy. This new system will be driven by employers, colleges and other providers working together to identify the skills needs of an area, and to begin the process of transforming the delivery of technical education so that it both meets and drives demand for skills. Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIPs) Trailblazers are a core part of delivering this vision.

The survey will enable us to develop an effective LSIP:
•Build shared understanding around skills needs
•Extend collaboration between education and training providers and employers to meet identified needs in priority sectors
•Deploy innovative and effective ways of reaching employers and collating futures skills needs in a meaningful way
•Translate needs into an effective tool to support providers adapt their offers

Benefits for businesses:
•Strengthen links between employers and further education and providers
•Place employers at the heart of defining local skills needs
•Support people to get the skills that businesses needs and give them opportunities to progress in their careers.
•Improving the skills system, which will be crucial to building an agile and adaptable workforce
•Improving productivity and filling skills gaps with locally grown talent
•Creating international competitiveness
•Support growth industries
•Increasing economic growth
•Making sure people can access training and learning flexibly throughout their lives

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and be involved in changing the current system.