Sussex Cancer Fund

HHBA member Stuart Farrell-Humphrey from Phoenix Media Marketing is raising money for for Sussex Cancer Fund.


After losing Cliff a good mate of mine last year to cancer, I promised his wife Dawn I’d do something to help raise awareness and funds of the charity that looked after them both in Cliff’s final days.

I’ve now teamed up with the SCF and am now working in there Business Ambassador team to help raise much needed funds, they have lost over 80% since the Pandemic, so every £1 I can help raise, will go to much needed causes. Here is the first project I have the honour of being part of.

We would like to extend our Community-Based Acupuncture Service (CBAS) to provide parity of access across the county and make the service more accessible to Cancer Patients.But to do this and run the existing service we need to raise £23,000.