Sussex Business Show

Trio of Event Partnerships.

It happened on LinkedIn one Friday afternoon…. Sonny was looking for keynote speakers for his new event, The Sussex Business Show which is being hosted in Ardingly, West Sussex, and he was also looking for other expos to promote, and to see what other regional events there were in Hampshire and Surrey, just to see if anyone would be keen to partner up, especially as the events industry had been decimated in recent times.

The pandemic has taught us in the events industry, that we all need to help each other, collaborate and make the whole process of strength in numbers, become real. So, Sonny started by emailing a friend who was running The Hampshire Business Show, Josh Mitchell.

This partnership cemented a business friendship, which transcended into both gents becoming personal friends.

The first event partnership came to fruition properly in January 2021, both Sonny and Josh had the same business goals and each wanted to grow their B2B Shows. This exciting partnership went one step further with Sonny creating a brand new event to showcase his services.

Sonny had for a long time wanted to get into Surrey and Kent as a region, but he didn’t want to host a show as running one event for the Sussex region was enough. The logistics of running a single tradeshow and event takes a huge amount of time, effort and people power.

Sonny approached business expo organiser, Paul Bridgland of the Surrey Business Expo. It took a simple introduction on LinkedIn to get the ball rolling, that single intro led to Paul calling me directly within a few days and saying that he was keen to work together.

It still astounds me even today after running events across the County of Sussex that there are so few partnerships in place with expo event organisers. I tried it locally with a few organisers in Sussex and it just didn’t work, but by looking at regional events in other counties this has opened up doors for The Sussex Business Show. Paul had tried an event partnership in Hampshire before but it hadn’t of worked out with another show organiser, showing very little success. So, Paul was keen to have a chat and see where, and what we could do together, within a few days Sonny had organised lunch and a date at a local pub for the trio of event organisers to meet up and see what they could do together for 2022, 2023 and beyond.

This was great news, and the partnership is already paying dividends with Sonny, Josh and Paul now in a mutual events partnership, all supporting, collaborating and growing each other’s event businesses.

Isn’t this what true collaboration and communication is?
Time will tell, but already it’s looking very promising.

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