Supporting children and families through their cancer journey ‘One Day at a Time’.

We are asking if you would be kind enough to put the attached ‘Cuppa for Kids’ poster up in a space where you, and your colleagues/members, get a cup of tea or coffee so they can have the opportunity to donate £3 (the price of a hot drink) to support young people with cancer, and their families, in our local area. (we can print, laminate and send a copy in the post to you, if this is helpful)

Companies can either Sponsor this campaign or share our ‘Cuppa for Kids’ poster. I have attached all the information and below.



Rockinghorse Children’s Charity want to continue supporting children and families who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. For the last few years we have been supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing throughout treatment, but we now want to fund a specialist Oncology Psychologist to support children and their families, like Naomi and Carey, who are coming out the other side of often long and gruelling cancer treatment.

   “When he was diagnosed, our entire world shattered.” 

Two-year old Carey was just 9 months old when he was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukaemia. After three rounds of chemo, he was able to receive a bone marrow transplant from his older sister Aubrey but despite the fact that Carey was improving, the whole experience took an enormous toll on his mum Naomi, “There is no part of our lives that cancer didn’t effect.”

At this stage in their journeys, the physically painful treatment might be over, but the trauma of their experiences and the expectation of just getting ‘back to normal’ is often unmanageable and often results in them suffering long-term mental health issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, needle phobia or long term, cripplingly and severe health related anxiety. 

Which is why, with this current campaign, we hope to extend the support we can provide to families, so that when they reach the end of their active treatment, there is the emotional help for the child, their parents and their siblings. 

If you are able to help, we really would be incredibly grateful. We rely entirely on our loyal supporters to ensure we can address issues like this that children in Sussex are facing. 

Here’s a link to our campaign page on our website, where you can see more details about this project and the families this could support – Our current campaign – Rockinghorse Children’s Charity Supporting sick babies, children and young people throughout Sussex