Startups: From BIG Idea to Business – LIVE webinar!

Have you had a BIG business idea but don’t know how to get it up and running? Have you tried Googling the answers but been overwhelmed by the number of (often conflicting) results?

In this LIVE webinar on Tuesday 29th June, real-life humans Suzie and Ian Newbold will walk you through the steps needed to go from the initial idea through to trading. Delivered in a small workshop-style where we take things at a gentle pace, this is definitely not a boot camp – expect laughter, questions and maybe even some bad ‘Dad’ jokes from Ian!

You’ll learn:

• The steps needed before you launch your product or service

• The importance of a business plan and how to create one

• Costs of running a business (and the terminology!)

• Marketing considerations

• How to look after yourself during the process

If you’re considering a lifestyle or job change post-pandemic, then sign-up now – the cost is £30 but this represents great value for money as well as continued support, so what have you got to lose?

To learn more or book a place, just click on the link.