St Peter and St James Hospice – Shine Bright event

Shine Bright is our In Memory Moonlight Walk at the Bluebell Vineyard. This type of event is being held for the first time in a few years under the new name of ‘Shine Bright’, so we are very keen to relaunch with an amazing and truly memorable event.

There will be an entertainment village and then a wonderful walk which will set off at 6.30pm in and around the beautiful woodland of the Bluebell Vineyard. I have planned some wonderful entertainment along the walk creating a magical memorable experience.

We are hoping to make this event a success in order to put this in the yearly calendar for us to fundraise with this event each year for St Peter and St James Hospice.

I will be honest to mention I have a tight budget and am currently looking for sponsorship to fund this event.

I will mention that this is being heavily promoted including two 2 month radio campaigns with two radio stations in the area which will feature 6 mentions a day. Radio interviews that I could mention and sponsors on. There will be heavy socials which we could mention the sponsors on and lots more…which I am happy to discuss. It promises to be a large event and certainly a memorable one for those people coming to walk for their loved ones. This is a huge opportunity to fundraise for the hospice to keep our services going and we are looking forward to delivering a professional meaningful event for a for all.

I wonder if you could please share this information with your members. I have attached a poster for information.

Please do let me know your thoughts. Thank you for your time and support.

Should you want more information please do visit our website.

My mobile should you want to chat is 07495 125599.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards

Rebecca Stevens
Relationship Fundraising Manager
01444 470 715