Specsavers Haywards Heath urges local people to take care in their gardens

Specsavers in Haywards Heath are urging gardening enthusiasts to take extra care to avoid eye injuries as the recent sunny weather gets us all out into the garden.

An estimated 200,000 eye injuries are caused by DIY and gardening mishaps every year in the UK, and the South Road practice have treated patients after a number of incidents in recent times – including one local woman who ended up with a corneal abrasion after scratching her eye.

The customer noticed discomfort in her eye after her day in her garden, but initially did not want to bother anyone with it – and wasn’t aware that any local opticians were still open for business during lockdown.

When her eye was still uncomfortable two days later she called Specsavers Haywards Heath, and was delighted to find out that they were able to offer her an emergency appointment that day.

Ophthalmic director Hanora Murphy gave her a full eye health check-up, and spotted that she had a corneal abrasion – which could have been caused by a scratch from a bramble.

Hanora was able to give the customer some eye drops, which soon resolved the issue, leaving her free to get back into her garden.

Hanora said: “We often see a spike in these types of accidents in springtime and the summer, so given how lovely the weather has been and that people have been stuck at home, it’s no surprise that a number of patients have contacted us with these types of injuries.

“It’s important to be careful and pay close attention what you are doing when carrying out any activity that might lead to a foreign body entering your eye. You should always wear suitable eye protection where you can. If you do suffer discomfort, or notice that something is in your eye, you should give us a call straight away so we can help you resolve the problem.”

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