Special Care Baby Unit

When a baby is being cared for in hospital, whether they are premature or battling illness, there are so many different pieces of equipment that can help them get better.

In the past we have provided neonatal ventilators specifically designed for tiny lungs, incubators to support sick infants and cooling mats that can slowing down the processes that cause brain damage in poorly babies.

A donation like this could also buy state of the art equipment specifically designed to give babies the best possible care such as baby weighing scales to help staff more accurately weigh babies during the various clinics at the hospital meaning they can more quickly identify any potential issues.

Or it could help provide wall mounted breast pumps so that new parents can easily and quickly express milk right next to where their baby is being cared for, in a private space with their family.

Having the right equipment, in the right place at the right time makes the world of difference for both NHS staff and new parents caring for a baby in hospital and ultimately helps more sick babies get better and go home.

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