SMEs Bearing The Brunt Of Cyber Crime

Small businesses in the UK suffered the most from the £15billion price of cyber attacks in 2018. According to the research carried-out by Beaming, most were organisations employing no more than 50 staff with an average cost to each of £65k with an estimated total cost to small businesses in the year estimated at £13.5billion!

Another survey, this time done by Opinium found phishing emails claimed the greatest number of victims (25%), but ransomware attacks ended up costing the most at approximately £20k each.Whilst larger organisations of more than 250 staff continued to be hit, smaller firm victims reached another all-time high in 2018 with about two-thirds suffering some sort of cyber crime attack, well up from 2017 levels. Micro or Enterprise type firms of under 10 staff suffered the most, more than slightly larger SME firms.

Whilst Britain seems to be faring better than most EU countries, small British firms still seem to think they are not big enough to be of interest to the cyber criminals. Those small firms who were attacked last year will now know better and those who have yet to be, take note.

Every organisation large and small is being tested by phishing scams. Preparing your firm for a cyber attack is the best way to prevent it from happening.

Successful cyber attacks are never because of something that could not be prevented.

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