Simple Solutions to Designing Your Own Unique Celebration

The joy of working with a variety of clients allows us at Love Luxury Events to experience designing and managing some exclusive and unique events over the course of a year. But it need not be a stressful experience if you have a methodical and practical approach. “Oh, it feels so daunting” we hear you cry, but the easiest thing to do is to start with a list of what you would like and how that can be interpreted into your own special celebration.

Understand your budget and what is the main importance of the event. Is it being with family, having a fantastic meal or dancing the night away? By asking these simple questions you can start to formulate a very simple plan as to how to create your own special celebration.

Have a chat with colleagues, family and friends to discuss your ideas and sound them out. It can be a good reality check as what is going to work. Ensure the date you are thinking to run the event will be good for the majority. The initial concept will often evolve during the planning stage, so no need to stress if it starts to look a little bit different from your initial thoughts.

Always make sure you find the venue first and that your design concepts are possible within the space! Think of it like building a house, you need good foundations – the venue is the base, and all the additional items can be built around it. Does the venue offer catering? Do you need to hire a caterer? Most venues within all budgets offer a recommended suppliers list. It gives you the confidence of knowing those suppliers the venue has worked with time and time again. It means that when you ask that question, they will already have the answer as they know the venue inside and out.

So, you now have your venue and catering which will usually include the drinks element of the celebration. Invitations can be sent out in a written format or virtually. There are many options and often allow your guests to respond via an online site taking the pain out of asking about dietary requirements etc.

It’s now time to furnish your house with all those little extra’s! Music, entertainment, cake, flowers, photographer, videographer, and the list continues but remember you will have a set amount of time generally with the hire of the space so try not to squeeze too much in otherwise you will never have the time to enjoy the celebration and chat with your guests.

So, you have everything in place, the date has arrived and it’s that moment you are at the venue before all the guests arrive. The butterflies are there in the pit of your stomach, have you remembered everything, will your guests turn up, will they enjoy it? These are all natural thoughts but remember people are coming because of you. They want to celebrate with you and that is the essence of the event whether it is a Birthday party, Graduation, Anniversary or Christmas party or simply a wonderful celebration of being with colleagues, family, or friends.

Enjoy the event, keep yourself hydrated and you too are allowed to enjoy the food, entertainment, and drink. It will go like a flash so take those mental pictures of the wonderful memories that this day has bought you and remember you did this, you made it happen!

And if this all feels like a complete nightmare, overwhelming or too stressful remember we are always able to create that unique and memorable event at Love Luxury Events.

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