Secure your companies social media accounts with 7 easy steps

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7 steps to secure your companies social media accounts

The 2022/23 Annual Threat Assessment from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has revealed that social media hacking has continued to be the most prevalent Cyber Dependent crime reported to Action Fraud. The total reported losses in the assessment was £225.5 million which was a 25.5% increase on the previous year.

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Protect your website today with our First Step Web Assessment

Regardless of a website or businesses size, every website is at risk of being compromised by cybercriminals whether it’s a blog site, dynamic e-commerce platform or the local Indian restaurants website.

Whilst it might seem impossible to defend yourself from cyber-attacks, particularly those targeting your website, The South East Cyber Resilience Centre we can provide a simple service that will help you to determine the vulnerabilities and possible entry points for cybercriminals.

Our website assessment service is called a First Step Web Assessment. This service involves our team reviewing your current website to identify vulnerabilities that could help cyber attackers gain access to your website.

We could tell you how our First Step Web Assessment is the best first step to securing your website, but why not listen to those already tried it?

This is what they loved about the service:

😍It gave them a quick & clear understanding of immediate risk

😍The findings were simple to work through

😍They were provided with a helpful & informative debrief with Cyber PATH student team

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Only 13% of businesses review cyber risks posed by their supply chain, are you one of them?

The latest government data shows just over one in ten businesses review the risks posed by their immediate suppliers (13%), and the proportion for the wider supply chain is just 7%.

A supply chain attack is a cyber attack that targets the less secure elements or vulnerabilities of a company’s supply chain. The aim is to exploit the vulnerability and to cause serious damage for those on the end of the attack or to gain unauthorised access to a company’s data or systems.

Whilst the impact of supply chain attacks can be rather widespread, there are some very simple steps that businesses can take to improve their resilience to these types of attacks.

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Head of Cyber and Innovation
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