Search marketing update for business owners, March 2020

Big news; new SERP feature spotted above the Local Pack

We’re all quite familiar with Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) right?

They do vary of course depending on the search being performed, the device being used, the searcher’s location, search history and so on.

Typically you expect to see Ads, a Local Pack (the map with three businesses listed, which tends to appear for searches with local intent) and the organic results.

In that order.

Google regularly introduce new SERP featuresPeople Also Ask boxes and Image Carousels being just two examples.

Last month they launched a new feature – for some searches, in some European countries including the UK – which they’ve inserted below the ads – but importantly – above the Local Pack.

In other words, it’s pretty prominent.

You can see one below – it’s been named the Find Results Carousel.

We present the argument for what this might mean for your business as the lead story in this month’s SEO you need to know.

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