Restart Grants – available from the 6th April 2021

If your business is based in Mid Sussex district and is needing help with a restart grant these will be available to apply for at Mid Sussex DC by the normal online claim form from Tuesday 6th April 2021.

There is up to £6,000 for non essential retail and up to £18,000 per property available for leisure, hospitality and personal care businesses that are liable for business rates whether they have been open or closed during the national or local lockdowns. For more information on restart grants go to (particularly Appendix C which does a list whilst not exhaustive of the types of properties that may qualify)

If eligible you must apply for a restart grant by midnight on the 30th June 2021.

To apply from the 6th April 2021 please visit

If you are unsure about which grant to apply for, please look at

If you need further advice please contact our support team at .

Please feel free to share and post this information as you see fit.

I am taking time out next week to recharge the batteries but I would like to thank you for the incredible massive support that you continue to give.  I will be back at work on the 6th April 2021

Thank you

Mr Kevin Stewart, FIRRV, MAAT, MCMI

Business Unit Leader Revenues and Benefits

Mid Sussex District Council