Re-shape, finance and grow your business

With the new year on the horizon, it’s a good time to seek the expert advice you need about how to re-shape your business to ensure a prosperous 2021. Our free, remote, interactive workshop, led by Get Set For Growth shows you how to do that, and over the next two weeks we’re also hosting workshops on how to gain the finance you need to grow or to start-up.

If you’re starting out, or if you’re an experienced business owner in the Lewes district, our Start-up and Leadership & Management programmes – led by LEAP – are up and running, in a physical setting, where possible in your area.

If you’re applying for an Invest4 grant, WSX Enterprise have a remote workshop to help you to fill out the application form. It’s worth pointing out, that of our last five successful grant applications, four had attended one of these remote workshops.

A strong business plan is a critical component of your application for Invest4 funding or for any other application you might make seeking finance. The Business Hothouse Team are hosting a remote workshop in early December dedicated to helping you to develop a plan that is fit for funding.

Look out for our Facebook Live sessions – they’re your chance to question the expert on a range of topics that will help you along your business journey. If you ‘like’ our Facebook Page, you’ll receive automatic notifications about these sessions.

As ever, all of our support is free and is open to anyone aged 18+.

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