Pure Storm Offers COVID-19 Marketing Care Package For Businesses

As the current COVID-19 global pandemic sweeps across the world, it has certainly given us all more than enough to worry about. We are all in a situation that is totally unprecedented and none of us could have expected or prepared for anything of this scale or severity. As Small Business owners you are your own best marketing resource and you may not even realise it.

You may be currently trying to figure out how to alter your marketing strategy and how to take the right steps to adapt to the current situation. Perhaps your marketing team has been furloughed and you’re left not knowing where to go next. Perhaps they are able to continue working from home, but without the standard resources of your office are in need of some direction. Or maybe you have always worked alone within your business and this is actually an opportunity to build on those marketing skills that you have until now been unable to hone. As marketers we have pulled together all our resources to help support you as much as we can during this uncertain time, which is why we have now prepared this Marketing Care Package for your business.

This COVID-19 Marketing Care Package is your ultimate go-to guide for learning everything you need to know about marketing your business effectively on social media and online amid the outbreak and beyond. ‘Do I still need to post to my social media? Should I still be trying to sell my products as normal?’ are just two of the many questions we have already been asked. This package features our top tips and advice, as well as planning ahead for when business as usual resumes, ensuring that you are ahead of the curve and already firing on all cylinders, while many businesses are still dusting off the cobwebs.

The main outlines of the Care Package are as follows:

  • Managing Business profiles
  • Refining Social Media strategies
  • Creating appropriate content
  • Planning ahead

It should be remembered that this situation is out of your control, but how you respond you respond to it is not. There are some key things you can control within your business and its survival, and development during this time. Adapting to the ‘new normal’ is essential.

While people, customers and potential leads are all spending more time scrolling through social media and on the internet, there is bound to be an upturn in content, and breaking out against the noise is crucial. This care package will help your business to build its profile to a point where you can comfortably generate a renewed buzz and engage further with audiences old and new.

We hope this guide is helpful in lessening COVID-19’s impact on your businesses marketing activities and supports you while you overcome the challenges, we are all faced with over the coming months.

Please feel free to get in touch to learn more about this and our other available product and services, we’re always happy to jump on a video call and hear your concerns over a virtual cup of coffee.

Stay safe!

Ollie & Sam

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