Profitnet Re-launching

Profitnet will be looking to recruit 4-5 businesses from HHBA, who are Innovation focussed, whether that be they are looking to grow and develop their business through new product, service or process or business model innovation. It could be with small incremental innovation steps or radical disruptive to their sector innovation. They need to be an SME (no sole traders, consultants) and ideally have at least 5 members of staff as the ambition is to help them unlock Innovation funding .

The University of Brighton has run the award-winning peer-to-peer action learning Profitnet programme for businesses across Sussex for over 16 years.

Created by innovation expertise at the University, to date over 1,300 businesses have taken part in Profitnet, helping them to achieve significant impact on their profit, turnover and employment.

Profitnet’s strength comes from the businesses ability to tap into the business expertise within the group. Member-led and expertly facilitated, each meeting focuses on real business challenges.

The success of this programme lies in its unique format to foster innovation and collaborations.

“Profitnet is just like having your own board of non-executive directors. You can discuss whatever you want and I’ve found over the years the input I’ve had has been absolutely vital as a sounding board for plans, ideas and challenges.”

We will be launching a new programme for local businesses this Spring.

If we can lead them onto Knowledge Transfer Partnerships or other Innovate Collaboration funding this would be a fabulous outcome – we want Sussex to lead the way in Knowledge Transfer projects – a catalyst for growth for our local economy.

The programme will be 10-12 months long starting in June through to April/ May next year.

A taster session will be organised in May

We have some funding to run the programme at no cost to the business other than their time and brilliant brain power and require no match funding from partners.

If you would like to be put forward by HHBA for the Profitnet programme, please, in the first instance get in touch with Sue Llewellyn