Probably Your Best Marketing Tool, Ever

The Bureau was one of the first Web designers to create a Website for an insurance broker back in 1999 when we were using dial-up modems and Google didn’t exist. We were the ones who advised CGU and their Club Elite Brokers on the Internet and how to get a presence on “the Web” . We spoke at Misys User Group meetings about the same topic. We created IIB’s Website and spoke about the Web at IIB meetings, resulting in many of their members ordering their first website from The Bureau.

Some of those many brokerages who had us design their first Website; those not already bought by one of the big broker groups, are still customers, albeit on their third or fourth Website.

Having a “responsive” – mobile phone optimised Website is the key feature now and the default design format that all new web designs adopt today. There are still some “older looking” sites out there, showing their age by NOT being responsive.

Adopting a modern coding format, whether it is for a quote and buy transactional site or a promotional one is important. It ensures your site has strong security applied to it, that your customers trust it, Google approves and gives a good ranking to it, the regulatory authorities consider it as safe and secure and that new potential customers view it as a credible source of supply.

In an age where most organisations and individuals browse the Web to find a new source of supply of products and services, keeping your Website up-to-date, fresh looking and interesting is pretty important.

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