Pitching a new Business Idea, the HHBA and the RISE Innovation Network

Thinking of a new business idea or venture, then trying to develop it or trying to make it work, are the challenges that we all face. These days there is a lot of help out there to support, develop and encourage your ideas and transform them into an actual product or service. One such organisation is the Research and Innovation in Sussex Excellence network, otherwise known as RISE.

Lorraine Bell of RISE says:

“New innovation ideas do not need to be new products, they could be new or improved service ideas, a new process or way of enhancing operations in your business or perhaps looking at a new business model. Innovation to us is about doing something new which will create value for your business https://rise-innovation.uk/”.

Thus, earlier this year, in June 2022, the HHBA teamed up with RISE and offered a 300 seconds “on the clock pitch”, giving us a unique opportunity to pitch ideas to our friendly peers at their first innovation pitching event, gain some valuable constructive feedback on our concept, find some collaborative partners to develop our ideas and expand our knowledge and expertise with free R&D support from the local universities.  The three pitches to kick this off were:

The building downpipe water saving device from Eco Product Technology came out on top and won the opportunity to work with RISE to access up to £5,000 of R&D academic expertise needed to develop the device to the next stage. This will hopefully be further prototyping and commercialisation of the product.

We are really excited about working with RISE and the Universities to move our product forward.

If you have a Product or Service that needs developing, improving or taking to another level, get in touch with the RISE Team.

Written by Richard Long