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Ever heard the saying ‘two heads are better than one’? Well, the same holds true in business – and we think three heads are better than two! And we know that collaboration is often the key to success. So, I am excited to announce that, due to the ongoing, challenging CV19 job market and the demand for outplacement services over the last few months, I am now actively collaborating!

In fact, I, have joined forces with Lisa La Rue RCDPCareerworx and Denise Meade-Hill RCDP, Transitions Career Management.  And under the umbrella of Careerworx, we are offering professional, cost-effective outplacement services.

No business likes to let people go and such an important decision needs to be handled well – not just for your business but for the employees facing redundancy.

For your business, you need to ensure your HR is not overwhelmed and that your business brand and company values are not compromised; and this also sends a positive message locally and to your remaining employees.

Those facing redundancy will need the best support to identify the next steps in their career and will be facing a mixture of emotions related to moving forward.

We know that you want to give the best support to your employees at this difficult time – so do we.

The CareerWorx outplacement programme will ensure your employees find the clarity and positive mindset from which to move forward following redundancy. Building their confidence and planning their job-search campaign, understanding the available routes, will be essential to their success. Our outplacement programme will help them to find their personal brand, focus on job-search techniques that will set them apart and overcome barriers that might be unforeseen.

CareerWorx is a boutique consultancy that specialises in outplacement that gives your employees access to a team of registered and qualified coaching professionals.

All consultants are registered Career Development Professionals with the Career Development Institute and are proud of their pedigree, values and ethos. Our bespoke range of support services are affordable and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Our service will also give you peace of mind that you’ve given your outgoing employees the very best start to the next stage of their career; and that you’re maintaining your company’s professional reputation.

Lynn Tulip RCDP

Career Transition Coaching


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