Our Top 5 Stretches for Low Back Pain

Do you struggle with low back pain? If so, you probably have a few exercises that you go through to help relieve the pain. You may have been given these by a friend or found them on the internet but are they the right ones to be doing?

Every day in clinic we advise patients which stretches they should be doing to help themselves at home. They are specific to that person and their issue but what if you’re not seeing an Osteopath who can advise you? Here are our top 5 stretches that will help to loosen your back and ease your pain.

Do these in order, slowly and gently at least once a day; ideally twice. They should be comfortable and feel like the right thing to be doing. If they’re not comfortable or if a particular stretch hurts, please contact us and we’ll be able to advise on what best to do.

If you think you need some treatment or more guidance with stretching and what to do to alleviate your low back pain, book in an appointment with one of us. Our Osteopaths and Sports Massage therapists are experts in treating low back pain and will be able to offer you the advice on self management that you need.

If you’re not sure who to see or if we can help then book one of our 20 minute free consultations as a great starting point.