New scheme to supercharge business connectivity in West Sussex launches

West Sussex businesses currently suffering from the slowest broadband speeds are being supported to get online with an alternative 4G mobile broadband solution.

As part of our council plan to support a sustainable and prosperous economy through investment in digital infrastructure, West Sussex County Council is working with the county’s District and Borough Councils to make new funding available to support testing and installation of a bespoke wireless alternative to fibre broadband. The solution will enable businesses to receive a boosted 4G signal directly to their property to power internal broadband.

The 4G Mobile Broadband Voucher Scheme typically offers up to £1,250 per qualifying business to cover the costs of a practical signal test and the subsequent installation of the new 4G solution, including all necessary equipment.

The 4G solution on offer to the county’s businesses uses 4G mobile data to connect their business premises to the internet in the same way that a smart phone sends and receives information. The solution uses a single, professionally mounted external antenna which is installed at the qualifying property. The external antenna can deliver a 4G signal directly into a newly supplied router, which then projects the connectivity in the form of Wi-Fi around the property, in the same way that conventional broadband works.

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