New member introduction from Sarah Hall

Hi – I’m Sarah; I live in Haywards Heath and have been working as a wedding and funeral celebrant for almost two years now.

In the world of weddings, it sometimes still amazes me just how much people are prepared to pay for their ‘big day’, but I tend to work with couples who aren’t going for the country-house hotel, ice sculptures and twelve bridesmaids approach, but who want a lower-key (and less pricey!) ceremony, with more ‘DIY’ touches and often in a location that has a particular significance for them.  This also means I also tend to find myself working mainly with couples for whom it’s the second (at least!) time around and who probably – like me – did the ‘big, fat’ wedding the first time and have learnt their lesson!

My particular passion at the moment is for raising awareness of the fact that there are far fewer rules around how and where you can hold a funeral than most people realise.  I find it very frustrating that we are largely presented with the choice of church, crematorium or nothing at all, when you can have a funeral or celebration of life just about anywhere, including (and excluding) anything you like and not necessarily at the same time or place as the practical necessities surrounding a death.  I love talking about this; in fact you may have trouble stopping me (you have been warned!).

I also specialise in working with people close to the end of their lives, who want to be involved in the planning of their own funeral.  It’s such an honour to be able to help someone take a degree of control at such a difficult time and I’ve met – and laughed and cried with – some amazing people as a result.

After more than 30 years in the public sector, the move into self-employment was a bit of a shock to the system to start with, but I absolutely love what I do and am finally getting used to my new freedom and to the fact that no one drops a chunk of money into my account at the end of each month!

Beyond work, I’m married with two grown-up step-children; have been involved in singing and amateur dramatics/operatics for most of my life; am finally finding the time to read books again and have plans to become a mad cat lady in my old age (two just isn’t enough).

I look forward to meeting some of you at future HHBA events and finding out how this networking thing works! 

To get in touch please see my HHBA profile