New member Introduction – Freelance Proofreader

Hello!  My name’s Helena and I am a Freelance Proofreader. Proofreading is a vital resource for anyone publishing any type of text – be it marketing material, reports, documents, books, websites etc.  It is the final polish.  The last line of defence to correct any errors before it goes out to be viewed by the world.

Proofreading isn’t just about checking for typos, inconsistencies and errors. Nor is it about sticking to outdated rules that do not compliment your natural style of writing. It’s about helping your writing to convey your meaning, your thoughts and your experiences – in essence to convey YOU.

Errors and inconsistencies aren’t just distracting for the reader (and annoying if you’re like me), but they have cost some companies millions!

  • In 1962, a missing hyphen in a line of code for the Mariner 1 launch cost NASA $18.5m!
  • In 2015, the government’s registrar of companies reported that a company called Taylor & Sons – a family engineering business established in 1875 – was being liquidated. In fact, it was a completely different company called Taylor & Son.  The typo was caught within 3 days, but the damage had already been done to Taylor and Sons’ credibility and two months later they were out of business.  Their company was worth £8.8m!

It doesn’t just happen in business either.  Some of the literary greats have been published with typos.

  • Huckleberry Finn’s first edition published in 1885, was printed with an error on page 57. “I took the bag…and ripped a hole in the bottom of it with the WAS”.  It should have read SAW.  Later editions fixed this.
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – the first editions from 1997 were published with an error on page 53. It lists Harry’s school supplies with “1 wand” at the top AND bottom of the list.  These are now very valuable copies!!

So, as you can see, even the greats make mistakes!

I can help mitigate the chances of this happening to you and make your words shine, just like you intended.

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