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I help businesses liberate cash for future opportunities. Managing ongoing costs can be complex and time consuming especially made difficult if you do not have the time, expertise or resources to manage those costs. Auditel is a long-standing cost management and procurement firm within which there is a network of industry leading specialists who have decades of experience across all industry sectors. Together we collaborate with business owners and directors to drive increased efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. As an example we helped a large charity to manage their ongoing costs and saved them £500k which they could then put towards helping more children around the world.

Understanding the dramatic effect that the current pandemic crisis has had on most sectors we can help people improve their business’s road to recovery and secure a successful future.

My aim is to work with any business that has need to manage costs and is also looking to a longer term partnership that ensures effective cost control and supplier management. It all starts with a discovery meeting to understand a little more about the business and how Auditel can be of service. In addition as we all start emerging out from the current lockdown we are able to provide information which I hope you may find helpful in considering the various challenges ahead in the new normal we find ourselves in.

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David Nalder

Procurement Specialist

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