Net Zero Support for Smaller Businesses

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) make up around 90% of global business; and in West Sussex 99.6% of our county’s businesses are SMEs (with fewer than 250 employees). To date, the majority of climate action support initiatives have been aimed exclusively at big business.

We are beginning to see this change, with more support emerging and wider recognition that all businesses, no matter their size, have a vital role in finding and implementing climate solutions. What’s more, smaller businesses can see many benefits from curbing emissions, including building resilience and gaining a competitive edge.

The Green Growth Platform in Brighton provides regular workshops and grant support to West Sussex-based SMEs looking to better their energy efficiency or grow their businesses through green solutions. On 15 December they are running a virtual ‘Business Model Canvas Workshop’ for any SME leader who wants to take steps toward the development of clean, green products, services or processes.

The SME Climate Hub has launched a new framework to help businesses calculate and reduce their climate impacts, and make an action plan relevant to their scale and sector.

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