MSDC Sustainable Economy Strategy Focus Group – 23rd September

Please join us and share your experiences

On behalf of MSDC we would like to invite you to take part in the forthcoming business engagement session on the 23rd September.

MSDC are looking for local business input to the Council’s emerging Sustainable Economy Strategy that will replace both the current Economic Development Strategy and the Sustainability Strategy. This will give businesses the opportunity to influence the development of this important document.

This will be a virtual roundtable session lasting approximately 60-90 minutes with a focus on hearing the views of businesses on where the council’s economic priorities should lie.  Broadly, the session will include a brief introduction to the development of the Strategy before the roundtable where Members can share their experiences of operating in Mid Sussex, identifying the challenges and opportunities for their businesses and their sector.

Please register for the session below and this will generate an email sending the joining instructions for the round table event.

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Thank you for your support.