MSDC Grant Update

At Mid Sussex DC to help local businesses through these challenging times and the impact of COVID19 we have paid 2,064 business grants £26.4m. We have also paid 287 local businesses a discretionary grant, amount to nearly £1.5m. These grant schemes are now closed.

In addition to this we have awarded Expanded Retail Discount of £23.1m to nearly 1,600 businesses, giving them a business rates holiday in 2020/21. This discount is for qualifying businesses in the Leisure, Hospitality and Retail Sectors. This discount is still available to claim. If in doubt and you are based in Mid Sussex please do ask us.

Also we have given over £370k to 27 qualifying nurseries. This discount is also still available to claim.

I truly hope my team has helped local businesses in the Mid Sussex Community in this once in a lifetime challenge. We are also grateful for all the help from the HHBA in promoting the above schemes.

Mr Kevin Stewart

Business Unit Leader Revenues and Benefits

Mid Sussex District Council

Tel: 01444 477229

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